About US

Remseal Pty Ltd is a Sydney based company specialising in all waterproofing & leak prevention services. 

We specialise in all areas of waterproofing, remedial services, concrete repairs, civil services, protective coating, grouting and flooring systems. We have solutions for a variety of water penetration problems, and it comes hand in hand with over 37 years of quality experience. As one of the industry leaders within New South Wales, our guarantee of the quality workmanship cannot be matched.

Our affected leak prevention & leak detection services, will identify the leak along with a step-by-step quotation illustrating all stages of repairs. Remseal also take out the hassle of having to source and screen through several trades to complete several repairs that maybe required at the one given property or project. We also use state of the art job management software which with one click all details and history of the job can be tracked and reported, resulting "customer satisfaction". Our Services vary from bathroom renovations to roof top coverings.


Remseal conducts all waterproofing services & small to large building renovations, remedial defective repairs, & strata maintenances. From new construction through to heritage refurbishments, Remseal specialists carry the experience & productivity to carry out all types of works in relation to defective rectifications. 

Remseal Sectors

Remseal covers all sectors of services throughout Sydney through to the South Coast of New South Wales. Our insurances & capabilities allow us to conduct repairs to all residenitial, commercial, Industrial sectors.


Qualified Tradesmen
Waterproofing Certified
100% Guaranteed professional Workmanship
Very helpful and friendly staff
Reliable and prompt service
Obligation Free quotations
We listen to what customers wants & delivers 

Licensed and insured 
All work performed is carried out in accordance with 
Australian Standards AS 3740


Contact Remseal today for a free consultation on 0428 677 967 or feel free to fill out the below enquiry form.

One of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours of form submission. 

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Remseal Roof Tops

Remseal Pty Limited conducts all remedial related waterproofing & rectifications to all concrete roof tops. All materials carry a standard 10 year warranty or 15 years warranty.

Remseal Pty Limited applies all types of applications; liquid, epoxy resin, PVC , Bitumen Torch on, Butaynol, sheet membrane & concrete leveled screeding. 

Remseal Balconies

Remseal Pty Limited has the capabilities to take on new construction, renovations, & remediation. Our skilled team carries all protection coverings to clientelles properties throughout the works. Our demolition team , waterproofers, & tilers carry all the high end skills required to deleiver a superb finish.

All Remseal products are Australian Made & only produced in Australia matching our climate & workabilities.

Remseal Pty Limited also project managers the works from start to finish with all trades monitoring throughout the rectifications.

Remseal Civil 

Our specialists carry high expertise in civil waterproofing along with all bridge & structural surfaces. From thermal joints repairs along traffic bridges  to concrete calcium surfacing, Remseal Pty Limited conducts all civil waterproofing works throughout New South Wales.  

Remseal Wet Areas (Bathrooms, Laundries,

Powder Rooms, & Ensuites)

Remseal Pty Limited has partnered with Grand Bathrooms in all tiling materials & tile supply. All tiles are within the BCA & Australian Standards & also carry a R10-14 grade rating.

Remseal Remedial​​

The Remseal team carry high expertise in the remedial industry. With all remedial rectifications, Remseal Pty Limited is able to not just repair the areas but able to identify how the result & damages occured. With all remedial services, Remseal conducts the following defective rectifications; concrete spalling, concrete cancer, lintel repairs, render repairs, structural crack repairs, brick fretting repairs, brick stitching, efflorescence cacconing, epoxy injection, grout injection, facade coating, lime washing, concrete levelling, damp roofing, rising damp, ,cathodic protection, monitoring, negative waterproofing, & epoxy coving.